FAQs / Wholesale Information

How do I apply for a wholesale account?

Simply follow the instructions on this page: https://crcwholesale.myshopify.com/pages/apply

Please note:

  1. Wholesale orders do not fall under the same Order Processing/Shipping time frames of our retail orders and therefore they will sometimes take up to 2 weeks to ship. Please disregard the estimated date of arrival when submitting your order.
  2. We ask for an introductory order of 3 different sizes per design, (for example, 3 California Original Retro Bold Hoodies, one per size: Small, Medium, & Large; however please be advised that it is best for retailers to have more than one in each size). There are no design minimums on fill-in orders, but we do require $100, after your discount, for all future fill-ins.
  3. We require a minimum FIRST order of $200.
  4. Only items on crcwholesale.myshopify.com are eligible for wholesale pricing.  If you see something on our retail site you would like, please inquire at crc@californiarepublicclothes.com or give us a call.
  5. We print our designs on several different brands and garment styles therefore the sizing may vary (a 2x in one brand might be significantly smaller than a 2x in another brand, etc.) If you have questions about sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to ordering and we will provide any and all manufacturer's measurements.
  6. All sales are final, excluding product defects.